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February 19th, 2016


This June, Gray Photography will be celebrating its 10th year in business.   I've been in to photography most of my life, but it was in June of 2006 when I decided to take that leap of faith and leave the corporate world of The Wall Street Journal and found a photography business.   I'll be putting together some type of promotional thing for celebrating so keep your eyes on the web site in the coming weeks and months as I'll announce it here first.


January 26th, 2016


The changes are under way.  I've created my fine art print gallery and am actively adding new images to the gallery.  You can view it by clicking HERE



January 20th, 2016


More changes are in the works.  I've disabled my fine art print sales for the time being.  The service I was using is having some trouble and it's a fatal problem so I'm in the process of redesigning my fine are print sales gallery.  I'll have it back up online in bits and pieces in the near future.  Seems like every online print sales web site has serious problems from time to time and these problems cut in to our bottom line.  I'm taking them out of the equation all together.  The new system will be web based print sales using PayPal and I will be making the prints myself.  The whole operation will be in house in the future.


January 15th, 2016


I've announced a new photography workshop for 2016.   Colorado Autumn Color in the San Juan Mountains from October 3rd-6th.  I've been working in the San Juan Mountains for many years so this year I'm teaming up with New England Landscape Photographer Jonathan Steele and we're going to host an intense 4 days of Autumn photography in what I believe to be the prettiest part of the United States.

Click HERE to read more.



January 14th, 2016


My 2016 Moose Photography Workshop Dates have been finalized.  You can read more about the upcoming season here.



January 11th, 2016


Good news.  I will be hosting my Georgetown Loop Railroad photo tours again in 2016.  I haven't worked out specific dates yet, but the plan is to do them on Saturdays this year.  That should cut down on the delays getting back to Denver on a Sunday afternoon due to traffic bogging down.


The price this year will remain unchanged.  $150 per person for the full day tour.  Box lunch included.


* Update: Scheduled dates have been finalized.  Saturday, June 18th, Saturday July 16th, Saturday September 24th

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January 5th, 2016


Calhan Paint Mines Night Photography Workshops for 2016


My 2016 Schedule for the Calhan Paint Mines night photography workshops has been published.  I'll be offering two sessions in May of 2016.  We'll start the month off on the night of the new moon, May 6th.  My second session will be the evening of the full moon on May 21st.

If you're interested in learning more please click here.


December 29th, 2015

I'm working on my plans for 2016 and I should be posting schedules and updates in the near future.  Make sure to check back.  I expect to have it all figured out by the end of January, if not sooner.

I've officially discontinued my wedding photography services. It's time to move on.  I plan to take the time to refocus efforts on my Nature & Wildlife photography.


I'll be offering "Private" moose photography workshops in 2016.  I typically take no more than a handful of customers each year for this exceptional photography session.  Again, they'll be held in July and August.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list send me an email.  We'll work out the details when I have the schedules and such figured out sometime in January.

I'm also working on plans for hosting an Autumn Photography Workshop in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado sometime around the end of September - first of October time frame.  The plan at the moment is to teach this workshop with a friend and notable East Coast Photographer, Jonathan Steele.

There are no dates at the moment, but I do anticipate hosting the Georgetown Loop Narrow Gauge RR photography tours again in September.  I've yet to work out the details with the folks at GLRR but I'm thinking it will be similar to last year, on a estimated peak color weekend in September.  These are always fun.

Private tutoring will be a big focus of my business in 2016.  I'll be revamping the price schedule and training topics for 2016, stay tuned for the details.  My hourly rate won't be changing though.

 I am hoping to spend more time in Northern Colorado in 2016.  I've several little projects at various stages of development at the moment and I plan to begin working on them early in the year.  As a matter of fact, my business model is morphing each year and part of the morphing process will be my taking on longer-term projects.

I get a lot of inquiries and I don't believe I've ever presented it to the general public so yes; I am available for photography clubs as a guest speaker and/or photography contest judge.  I do about a half dozen of these engagements each year on average.  It's always fun and I normally accept invitations unless it just isn't possible for me to do it.  If you're in a Denver Front Rage photography club and might be interested, don't be afraid to contact me. This is gravy work for me, hanging out with other photographers is always interesting.



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July & August

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Autumn Color in the San Juan Mountains

October 3rd - 6th, 2016

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