Gary's Stock Photography

Image Title: Dripping Moose
Print # 95150021
Aspect Ratio: 4/5


Sunrise in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

Image Title: Early Riser
Print # 95150062
Aspect Ratio: 4/5


Young mule deer doe rising to a frozen winter morning.

Wildlife Photography Gallery
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Image Title: Life From Scratch
Print # 95150063
Aspect Ratio: 4/5


Mule deer buck looking for breakfast

Image Title: Moose in Wild Flowers
Print # 95150034
Aspect Ratio: 5/7 (1.4:1)


Colorado Shiras Moose browsing a field of mountain wildflowers

Image Title:  Leap of Faith
Print # 93130048
Aspect Ratio: 4/5


Wild Rocky Mountain Goat kid learning to leap from rock to rock

Image Title: Rocky Mountain Elk
Print # 93130077
Aspect Ratio: 5/7 (1.4:1)


Young bull elk during the rut.  Colorado Rocky Mountains