Trending on Wednesday

Train photography by Gary Gray
Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, LaVeta, Colorado

A day of melting snow and dealing with Amazon for another Amazon Prime fouled up order.

Amazon Prime.  I signed up for a year last Summer, mainly to get free 2-day shipping. Well, the shipping turns out to be free but it’s seldom 2 day, more often 5 or 6 depending on the day of the week.

My recommendation, avoid it. It’s not worth the money.

Other than that, things are well here in the foothills of Denver.

Doobie has discovered that he can get to any horizontal surface in the kitchen. Trudy found him gobbling down the last of a box of danish this morning. No matter what you do, they always act like dogs. Doobie is a chow hound.

I’m plotting out a bit of Railroad photography for this year. I need fresh stuff man.

Moose Monday

Moose Photography by Gary Gray
Bull Moose Sheds Velvet

A fresh start to a new week.

These days, I prefer weekdays to weekends. Being semi-retired, I’ve become accustomed to doing my local business when traffic and crowds are more thin.

A little relief from the Winter cabin fever we have been suffering from with a drive into the mountains yesterday to visit Trudy’s sister in Bailey, CO.  I always take a camera with me on the chance that there may be wildlife in the area. Mid day though, isn’t exactly when the moose are going to be hanging around the local stream.


So, I’ll start the new week out staring out the window at the fresh white stuff while I drink a tall cup of hot Dunkin Donuts coffee and work on getting more stock photos uploaded to the agencies.

Been watching the Winter Olympics, but honestly, I just can’t get in to it. I’m all for “Team USA” rah, rah, rah, and I hope we win lots of medals and everyone gets famous. The best part of it is the distraction from the political bullshit that has engulfed the US. Driven by everyone’s need to out scream everyone else and the lies are at a record crescendo it appears.

Who do you trust?  I don’t trust blatant liars, I know that much.

We’ll do our job come election day I reckon.

Small Surprises

Bird in Flight by Gary GrayI was thinking of posting a photo of Great Blue Herons today but to my surprise I found a nice sequence of this Cormorant sitting undiscovered amongst the photos of the herons.

Small surprises are the best I think.

Trending on Wednesday

Elk Photography by Gary Gray
Bull elk with growing antlers covered in velvet

Wapiti Wednesday in my photography group.

Today, I’ll plug the group a little bit.

North American Nature, Wildlife & Landscape Photographers Association

I founded this Facebook photography group several years ago. We have about 1,150 members from around North America.

If you are a photographer who works or lives in North America, check us out. We have restricted access to the group so it’s not full of amateurs showing selfies or photos of their cat. The level of expertise and ability is fairly high. If you think you have what it takes, send us an application.

Train Tuesday

Train Photography by Gary Gray
Durango & Silverton NGRR on the Animas River in Colorado

It is “Train Tuesday” in my photography group.

It is also “Sunny Tuesday” which is nice to see as I look out my office window. Yesterday was a fairly cold and dreary Winter day. It reminded me of my years living in the Chicago suburbs. The difference, in Chicago the snow never melted and it eventually turned black from automobile exhaust. Naperville, Illinois, a suburban Winter hell and I don’t want to get going about life in Kentucky in the Winter. It doesn’t snow a lot in Kentucky, but there is nothing at all inviting about the cloudy, cold, humid, dreary Winters in Kentucky. I’ll take Colorado any day.

I probably should have made a run to Rocky Mountain Arsenal this morning for some photos, but I’m getting over some kind of bug and just not fully motivated at the moment.

No worries, I did get a handful of decent shots on Sunday morning and I’ll be editing and sending those up to the stock agencies.

I’ve noticed increased bird activity this week. Looks like the migratory birds are starting to come in to the area. That means I’ll need to start looking at the Tree in the Lake for Great Blue Herons. They started coming in last year in late February.

Enjoy your day.

Trending on Monday

Another week begins.

Targets of opportunity.  This bald eagle gave us a few photos at close distance yesterday morning when it landed on a telephone pole directly in front of us as we were passing by.

We sat and watched for a few minutes, hoping to see that tell-tale sign that he was about to take off. It never happened. It sat there and watched us without budging for a while. Thus, no flight shot of this guy.

On another note…

For over 10 years I’ve been doing this thing where I try to post a different original photograph every day on Facebook. It doesn’t always happen, some days I’m just not around or I’m on a trip or something. But, I’ve been fairly successful at this.

I’m moving the photo posting to this blog and with the best intentions, I’ll attempt to keep fresh photos flowing here for your viewing pleasure as well. I’m aware it will cut down on the interaction compared to Facebook but there are trade-offs. For you the viewer, it really is no more work to read or see what I’m publishing and actually the visual experience with the blog should be much better, cleaner, better refined, less cluttered, all that happy horse hockey.

So, interaction. That’s what will change about my internet presence moving forward; but, you can interact on any post,  it’s just a matter of motivation to do so. That I suppose is out of my control. I urge you to leave comments on any post. I need to play with that feature to learn how to best utilize it.

On the other side of the coin, I have a lot of statistical information available to me regarding internet visits to each of my web sites. I can say that I get more page hits via internet readers every day than any of my Facebook pages ever saw. In essence, despite Facebook being a world wide platform, it’s actually putting you in a box about the size of your friend list unless you manage to hit a viral situation, which doesn’t happen to most folks.

I’m disappointed with Facebook as a configurable program. I can’t in all good consciousness continue to use it as a photography presentation platform. These days, I see Facebook as nothing but a messaging and advertising delivery product that allows you to scribble in the margins.

Wish me luck and check back here often to see more of my original Nature, Wildlife and Landscape photography, along with whatever else manages to find its way from my camera.

Trending on Sunday.

Photography by Gary Gray
Bison Sparring at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

A nice little snow storm landed on Denver yesterday and they have been far and few between this season to use an overused cliche.

As a result, my friend Tim and I took the opportunity to spend Sunday morning at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Northwest of Denver.

We lucked out with a herd of about 100 or so Bison being positioned in good light near the road.

The kit today.  Nikon D750 with the 200-500mm VR and the Nikon D7200 with the 18-140mm VR.

Bison are one of the more difficult larger animals I’ve photographed over the years.  Reason being, their fur.  Bison fur is very course and thick and doesn’t provide a lot of edge contrast for the autofocus on most cameras to accurately pick up on.  End result, I get a higher than normal amount of out of focus shots with Bison.  Therefore, I take lots of shots when I’m shooting Buffalo, just to add a little more water to the gravy so to speak.

Couple the fur/focus issue with the fact that we were working in large open fields of snow, and you’re just asking for trouble with the cameras focus and exposure.  Today, I cranked in +.7 stops of exposure compensation to make up for metering in an almost solid white environment.