It’s A Way Of Life

A Large Shiras bull moose in Northern Colorado
A large Shiras bull moose in Northern Colorado

It’s that time of year.

The moose are moving to lower elevations in search for food. The cows are birthing their calves. The antlers are beginning to grow again.

This time each year I begin my moose photography season by opening up my cabin in Northern Colorado. We normally get a dozen or so moose in the area early in the season so hunting them down early is a top priority.

In the mountains above 9,000 feet, the lakes are still frozen and many will remain that way until early July. The bulls and the cows are not together right now, but will begin associating as the weather and forage improves.

At the end of September, the bulls will start shedding velvet and the rut is on.

I live each year in anticipation of getting out with my family, friends and clients. It’s a way of life.