Lazy Sunday

Wildlife Photography by Gary Gray
Double-crested Cormorant in Flight

Happy Sunday to my readers.

I made the trip to the tree in the lake this morning. A few photographers gathered. Looks like a third great blue heron has arrived.

It was a little bit on the windy side this morning so the bird activity was limited. I did manage a few shots of the cormorants and other waterfowl.

Finishing up the business taxes this weekend. Maybe putting some stock shots up.

It’s a lazy Sunday for sure.

The Tree in the Lake

Bird Photography by Gary Gray
Double-crested Cormorants Sing Their Mating Songs

With Spring waiting to spring here in the Denver area, migratory birds are beginning to make their way in to the suburban lakes.

One of my favorite locations is a large lake about 5 mile to my north. In the middle of the lake is an island. On that island, cormorants, blue heron, ducks, geese, American avocets and numerous other species gather for the summer.

Today, I broke out the Nikon D800, which is still a fine camera by the way, with a Nikkor 200-500mm VR.

So long as the weather allows, I’ll be out there often to keep track of the progress of Spring mating for these critters.

Great Blue Heron Mating Pair by Gary Gray
Great Blue Heron – Mating Pair

Stay Tuned!

Small Surprises

Bird in Flight by Gary GrayI was thinking of posting a photo of Great Blue Herons today but to my surprise I found a nice sequence of this Cormorant sitting undiscovered amongst the photos of the herons.

Small surprises are the best I think.