Fox Friday

Photograph of a red fox
This red fox was found napping beneath a bush in my back yard.

It’s Fox Friday!

Foxes frequent my yard here in the suburbs of Denver.

I try to keep a camera handy so I can get shots like this when they happen. There’s nothing worse than running to the office to grab a lens and camera only to return and find the subject has vanished.

Adventures in Backyard Photography

Crows by Gray Photography
A Murder of Crows

My family pet, Doobie has new friends to play with.

A flock of crows has been hanging out in the cottonwood trees about 100 meters from our back porch. They gather here multiple times each day and when Doobie is in the yard they like to fly over and taunt him. I’ve watched one crow intentionally drop a stick in the yard. Some do laps.

I hope to document more of this activity. It’s fun watching the new pooch learn about the urban wildlife we have living with us.

Oh, and there’s at least one handsome fox frequenting the yard. I’m going to put the camera trap up today and get some photos. He has a nice multi-shade, thick coat and he is larger than the average suburban red fox too.


Heron Photograph by Gary Gray
Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron is what I refer to as an LST.  (Large, Slow Target)

As an LST, it’s easy to fall in to the trap of taking the easy shots. I fight that urge constantly and growing older doesn’t make success come easier.  No, it’s always better to try something a little different, to push the edges, to get a shot you don’t have.

There is a park near my house where the herons nest every year. You may have heard me refer to it as the tree in the lake. There are; however, three different lakes within a quarter mile circumference so I don’t always work from the most common and comfortable photographic vantage point.

On occasion, one or more of the nesting Herons will leave the nest for an extended visit to one of the other lakes.

Yesterday, I followed this Heron to a shallow area in the lake full of cat-tails and reeds. They sometimes hunt these waters for small fish, crayfish and other water critters

I’ve worked these birds in this location for many years but there are shots I have yet to get as things don’t occur when you want them to occur.

The real trick to wildlife photography.  Persistence and Patience